Bringer of the Knife (2016)

by Odinfist



Bringer of the knife
Deadly assassin with no strife
Taking lives like doing chores
Cleaving flesh with no remorse

Stalks you in the night
Haunting you is his delight
You look but se no-one behind you
Try to hide and he will find you

Who will take your life?
The bringer of the knife
Lurking in the shadows
His thirst for blood is rife

He holds you as you thrash
Carving out your flesh
The bringer of the knife brings your

Bringer of the knife
Takes pleasure in playing with your life
Your existence is his toy
Homicide is what brings him joy

The thought fills you with dread
That soon you will be dead
A Harbinger of death
He takes your final breath

You cannot hide…
His soul is hollow…
You go inside…
He will follow…


released April 28, 2016
Music: Anderson/Ketterer; Lyrics: Melanson



all rights reserved


Odinfist Armstrong, British Columbia

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