The Old Lighthouse

by Odinfist

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William Zatanic Tony
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William Zatanic Tony It have it all, love this very unique form of heavy/power metal combined with cool thrash riffs, Odinfist is one hell of a band. The track called Carnage & Darkness kicks ass too, can just recommend the album. Favorite track: Winter Nights.
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released July 5, 2016

Tyler "Tex" Anderson - Lead Vocals and Guitar
Jesse Valstar - Bass and Vocals
Justin Ketterer - Guitar and Vocals
Brad Caulien - Drums

Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Chris Wynne
Album art/layout by Matt Ruckus



all rights reserved


Odinfist Armstrong, British Columbia

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Track Name: Take the Throne
Can you feel
The fear
Building up inside
The masses cry
Call out for regicide
The time is right
To tear the castle down
String up the fool
Then we’ll smash his crown

Scream revolution
Can you hear it calling?
We are stronger now

It’s taking over
Better start running
No time for praying

And I
Will take it for my own
Yeah, I
Will take the throne

I take it for myself
Taking the throne
I’m gonna take it
I take the throne

Oh, start
To run
You took down one
But Now there’s another
And I
Got my eye
On that prize
And I
Won’t stop
Until it’s mine
Track Name: Carnage and Darkness
A craven, a thief, a monster a liar
Given a choice
Head to be mounted, upon a spike
Or life on The Wall
To don the black cloak, or taste the black tar
Take the clean slate
Live to serve the realm, the shield to protect
Sword in the dark

I have gone and taken the black
remember the treacherous past I'll never forget
Time fades the mind, but memories lurk
Of carnage and darkness I will
Of carnage and darkness I die

I shall wear no crown and win no glory
My watch begins
Watcher on the wall, 700 feet
Ice is my home
I shall take no wife, and father no children
Or hold any lands
Live to serve the crown, the shield to protect
Sword in the dark

Carnage and dakness
Track Name: Raining Fire
Every night in the dark
Eye's wide, cannot sleep
I can't take the dreams
Apocalypse, holding me seeking me

See the death, the ones I love
I feel it creeping in
Eyes closing, not again
Apocalypse, gripping me, taking me


Take my hand
Take my hand, you will see
See my world
See my pain, misery
Raining Fire
Fate foretold, heed my call
Raining Fire
Watch it Burn, Watch it Fall

Clouds are dark overhead
Flashes cross the sky
Winds of heat scar my face
Apocalypse, here for me, here to stay

We are of ash and dust
Little sparks to quickly fade
Take us away from here
Apocalypse, take my hand, take me now
Track Name: Power and Might
All my life
I have spent
Dreaming of this day of glory
I will smash
All the foes
That dare to stand before me
I Can’t Fail
Tunnel vision
Staring straight
At the target
Striking fast I take it down

I’ve been pushed back
I’ve been held down
I was born to
Win this fight

I can’t give up
I’m relentless
I have power
And the might

All around
From each side
Endless blows fall around me
Beaten back
Bruised and worn
But something’s burning from within
I Will Fight
Till my last breath
And then they’ll see
What it means to be immortal

Here it is
My one chance
To show them why I’ve come this far
For all those
Told they can’t I’m here to tell you that you can
Fire burning, take a stand – win or lose – end up a man
Track Name: An Eye for Wisdom
An eternal thirst for knowledge
Beyond the secrets of all worlds
A journey to the sacred water
That every drop, an eternity holds

Odin, god of war
Master of the Runes
Gave his sight to see beyond
All worlds and their dooms

For knowledge divine
I’d give and eye
To be God of the mind
Any sacrifice

Beneath the mighty tree of life
That holds the many worlds
A shadow being guards the well
of cosmic wisdom unparalleled

Mimir, wise guardian
I come to thee this day
To drink from the well of truth
Any price I’ll pay

For knowledge divine
Relinquish an eye
To be god of the mind
Make your sacrifice

Blood runs red
Down my hands
Cast into the well
My blindness now descends
Drinking in sight
Fills my consciousness
As I ascend

Open your eye
To Knowledge divine
All wisdom of life
You hold inside

Opening my eye
To eternity
Secrets of death and life
I have seen

Granting this wisdom
To all my brothers
Of mighty Asgard
And to the realms of man

Raise up your voices
Take up our song
To honor he who
Has made us strong

Almighty Odin
Grant us thy wisdom
Fight by our sides and
Guide us in life and death

Grant us thy wisdom
Power and glory
Honor and valour
Guide us in peace and
Track Name: Symphony of a Burned out City
Smoke fills the air
And blocks out the light
All I see is red
The end is in sight
Mind in disarray
As all turns to ash
Now I must fight to survive (in the wasteland)

Panic sets in
All over the land
Bodies laid to waste
I can't understand
How'd it get this way?
Why am I here to stay?
Humanity's final stand (in the wasteland)

I can barely breathe
I can barely see
Finding the will to stay alive
I'm calling to the streets so you can hear me

Hear the symphony
Burned out city

Sun starts to set
There's screams in the night
Louder and louder
They're now in my sight
Burning all that stands
They're raiding the land
For now there is no more law (in the wasteland)

Calling out loud
But they don't see
Laughing maniacally
They start the flames
There's no escape
My fate has been sealed
Awaiting my final breath (in the wasteland)

(Fire! Fire!)
The flames start to close in
As I collapse to the ground
(Fire! Fire!)
The flames start to close in
As I collapse to the ground

Fade away
There goes the symphony
Burned out city
Track Name: Four Drawn as One
Deep within the earth
The elk draws its worth
Protector's living form
Rise against the evil swarm

Far beyond the seas
Possessor of the keys
To unlock the past
Fill the sails of future's mast

In the darkness, breeds the mass
Fire of the mountain melts the frigid winter's pass
Through the storm, burns the light
Deep within the fist lays the Norse legend's might

Four drawn as one
Four drawn as one

High on the mountain
Last of many kin
Living mystery
Place in life is yet to see

Cradle of the pine
They prey's hidden line
Providers of life
Every day another strife
Track Name: Winter Nights
Grab your swords, axes, and spears
And join us on this night
The chills that run throughout the air
Will shoot right down your spine
As torches light up the night
To guide us and the souls that died
We mustn't forget a sacrifice
To honor the gods that give us life

Blood will be running down these hills
And the gods will hear us singing

Join us on these winter nights
On hallowed grounds we will survive
Spilling blood to honor life
And celebrate for those who died

Lets make a toast before we boast
And drink to those we love
Years have passed and we still stand
Harvesting this sacred land
As seasons change we will provide
For the gods we trust we'd surely die
So grab your horns and hold them high
By the hammer of Thor we will survive
Track Name: Eclipse
Feel the cold, darkened sky
Surround you, hold you tight
Shadows crush, nightmares stir
Light fades now, forever

Vengeful god, strikes the sun
Thousands cry, abandoned
Like children, left alone
Pay for crimes, unknown

Feel the eclipse
Take You

Whispers grow, mad men shout
Ancient sins, all our fault
Grab up blades, sacrifice
Innocence, Bring the Light

Run and hide, devil's grin
Blades drip red, piercing skin
Give us light, Endless Night
Time runs out, Undone

Darkness in light
Destroys us

Feel the eclipse
Take You

A thousand lives

Feel the eclipse
Break you

Madness and fear

Feel the eclipse
Make you

Sun returns, shade by shade
Sky bleeds out, our debt paid
Light restored, finally
Pain subsides, relief

Was the end, worth the cost
Ending life, to save life
Heroes born, in dark days
Killers now, always
Track Name: The Old Lighthouse
Built of stone
Light in the haze
Spirit vile
Lives within
These gray walls
Luring victims

It is despair, it is pain it is suffering
The Old Lighthouse on the shore, it is thirsting
For more blood, for more bones, for more souls to take
Within its walls, feed the light that determines fate

Into the dead of the night
Led to your doom by false light
Upon the dread coast arrive
Wreckage with none left alive

Do not dare
To enter
Spiral stairs
At the top
Awaits you
Blinding light
Your doom

Ascending the staircase of pain
Feeling your soul start to drain
The stories, the fables, the tales
All come true as your life wanes and fails

Out of the fog
A guiding light
Delivers the crew
Lost in the night
Lost tortured souls
Captive inside
Tower of stone
Death in disguise

If you don’t turn back
The end is nigh
And now you die

Lost, abandoned, insane
None will remember your names
Your souls have been claimed for all time
No one will hear your last cries